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Friday, January 21, 2011

FANtastic Friday FLASH

FAN of the Week:   KELLY  SEALE

Hi Susan, and everyone on your fB page, and fan pages, blog twitter, and others...I am very excited to be Susan's FFF of the week!
I am a retired 20 yr. Navy Vet. (Since 1999) Originally from Murray, Ky. Moved to Michigan after retiring from the Navy. Spent 10 yrs. in Lansing, Michigan working as a Steam Production Engineer. Got tired of the cold, the Michigan economy, and coal dust, and up and quit my job and moved my family (wife Victoria of 23 yrs, and two sons, Trent 13, and Coalton 11,) to Las Cruces, New Mexico. I Landed a fantastic job as a Gas Turbine Power Plant Engineerr in September 2008 at PNM Resources. We lived in the city for 2 1/2 yrs, and just moved out to the country where we live at the base of the Robedilo Mountains on 14 acres of beautiful desert mountain country.

I love to photograph anything from sunrises, sunsets to desert life to almost anything at all.  My passion; however, lies in writing.  I write from my heart and attempt to touch as many people with my words as I can. Please look me up on Facebook and request to be my friend! I've written numerous poems and short stories and am currently working on a submission for the Lorian Hemingway Short Story Competition this spring. My New Year's Resolution is to get published in 2011. I have included for your enjoyment, several poems and photographs.

Thank you for this opportunity, and I hope everyone enjoys it!
V/R, C.Kelly Seale.


"Just Listen"
These Words, are my attempt
to reach you.
Without all the resentment felt
between the both of us.
The blaming game has been played out,
Satisfaction niether found, nor enjoyed.
Lives changed forever,
Relationships destroyed.

I will keep this short and sweet.
Attention to the next stanza...
I have, and always will... care for you.
My feelings are now driven by self-preservation.
In order for you to grow,
and be the person that you want to be...
You have to let go.
The past is a bitch
at reminding us of all our mistakes,
No need to relive old wounds
Just do what it takes..

The place where you are at
is approaching the rock at the bottom,
Nobody can help you
till you get there.
And you will know...
That this dark, deep hole
you are in...
Has only one way out,
And it won't be an easy climb.

Just Listen...
To the next few words I say,
You can do this
For there is no other way.
You must leave all the crap
behind you,
The needle, the bottle, the pill...
For they will pull you back down
and drown you,
I know you can do this
I know you have the will.

When you have broken free
of all these things that bind you,
I will be here to help hold you
and get you thru the next day...
If only that you will listen
to these words that I say.
Just Listen...

To me now, just this once
To these precious words from above,
And your life will be better than ever before...

You shall earn the respect
you deserve,
And have a life filled up with Love.


One of our most basic needs, from the time of conception, to birth,
and from childhood throughout our entire adult lives, and even in death-
Is touch. The need is so strong, so omnipresent,
that without it, we would surley die. Through my writing, I attempt to touch.
I invite the reader; you, to experience life and love, death and tragedy, suspense and excitement.
To feel my touch-


The human touch -
flesh against flesh,
skin against skin,
I crave it so much,
where do I begin.
My fingers trace-
the shape of your lips,
the outline of your face.
They gently carress-
your favorite place-
The back of your neck
where passion lives.
It awakens your soul,
it quickens your heartbeat,
and shortens your breath.
Without your touch I'm afraid
I'd withdraw into myself,
and enter the throes of death.

You take my hand in yours,
you smile and laugh
as we walk and talk.
You hold me tight
and whisper,"I love you!"
You playfully give me a bite.
Your fingers expertly roam
the contours of my back,
I'm almost there, in heaven-
You're on the right track.
Anticipating the touch of
your lips upon mine,
That's what touch is all about.
Our eyes meet as you tell me-
"Kiss me now, or I'll cut your heart out!"



"December's Magic"
Christmas Eve in Walmart was a nightmare. The crowds of people in their shopping frenzy, were for the most part, pleasant. Last minute gifts for their children and loved ones were on their minds. And I, like several shoppers in front of me, was in the check-out line from hell.
  My basket filled to the brim of Christmas Dinner entrees and all the trimmings.Twenty-five pound Butterball, the prize of my shopping safari. The pickin's were indeed slim, and I was lucky to nab this prized bird, for all of the other's were frozen and this would not due. No, not on Christmas Eve.
   You see, I had been tasked by my wife, to run this errand while she continued making preparations for our move, which deadline was only one week away. It seems that our Christmas celebrations were taking a back seat to this untimely, yet unavoidable move from our current house in the city, to a new life in the foothills of New Mexico's desert mountain region.

   Hey, I'm not complaining. It might be farther to drive to work, and more gas to burn, but oh, such a view. Acres and acres of land for our two boys, our two horses, our two dogs, our two cats, and lets not forget Bugsy, the rabbit.  Anyway, my wife is more or less, in charge of the move. Well, to be honest, she is more or less in charge of everything. She always has been the person that gets things done. Everybody loves her for this. Especially me. Her friends flock to her like kittens to a moma cat. They love her honesty and her giving of herself to others. Those who don't, the're just jealous.
   So here I am, standing in line to check-out, getting all the fixin's for tomorrows grand feast. Hey, at least I'm missing out on all the fuss of packing, sorting and tossing all the stuff we have accumulated in our two years since our "last move" from Michigan to New Mexico. Why do people keep so much stuff? And at Christmas time, they just go out and buy more stuff.
   Getting closer to check-out. Guy in front of me has two brand new bikes, already put together. Smart guy. Thinking back , seems like yesterday, buying bikes in a box for my boys. Staying up past midnight, Christmas Eve to Christmas morning, trying to put em' together. My wife, of course, took the job over, not even using the directions. How do they do that?

   The guy with the bikes,  balances the two wheelers out of the store, on their way home to await his children's delight in the morning's suprise. My turn. Wheeling my overstuffed basket up to the pleasant, smiling cashier. Noticed the lady behind me with two small children. The're hands combing through the goodies set up strategically adjacent to every check-out ailse, just to drive us parents crazy as we try to get-in, get-out, with our sanity intact.
  The lady behind me has a small amount of food in her basket. Small roasted chicken, two cans of green beans, two cans of corn, box of instant mashed potatoes, and two candy bars that her children begged for. I noticed her patience wearing thin, as she tried her best to maintain her children in line.
   "Excuse me ma'am," I spoke up. "Would you like to go ahead of me?" I asked her, smiling, knowing the relief I just gave her. She nodded politely, and said thank you as she pulled her basket and two children to the front. I smiled at her two little ones, wondering what surprises await them in the morning.

   The cashier totals the lady's bill, and she slides her card through the machine. The cashier sheepishly tells her that it's declined. She looses her composure just then, and remarks about her drunken husband spending the last of her pay on booze. She's in tears now, as she mutters an explictive in-between Merry and Christmas, and storms out of the store, emptyhanded except for her two children in tow.

   I just stood there. Watched it all. I did nothing. And then it was too late. The cashier apologized as I pushed my cart up and started to unload my prized bird and all her treasures. For some reason, I tuned out all that was around me. My mind wondering what kind of Christmas that family would have. I didn't even hear the cashier's voice as she gave me the grand total.
I'm not feeling pity, I want you to know. I was angry. Angry at myself. I did nothing! Then, I thought, if I had it to do over again, I'd of offered to pay the lady's bill. Yes, I told myself. That's what I'll do next time. Next time. Too late for her and her family. The cashier wished me a 'Merry Christmas', and I replied the same back to her. My heart still with the lady that had left emptyhanded.
   Out of the store, cold, fresh air to greet me. I looked up at the Christmas colored sky, stars winking at me. What a magical night this is.  On the bench, next to the exit, was the lady who was in front of me. She was still in tears, oblivious to her two children's cries. She was so upset that I was a little apprehensive as I approached her.
   " Excuse me, Ma'am," I said, trying not to upset her even more. "I want you to have this." My words following my heart, as I not only offered her my prized bird, but my entire bounty, overflowing basket and all.
She looked up from her tear-stained, make-up smeared eyes, and at first, couldn't say a word. Then,
   "I- I don't want your pity!"
   "No Ma'am!" I calmly offered. "Ma'am, It's Christmas! Please, Take it. Take it all. It is my present to you. Please."
She could not believe her ears. "Na- nobody does this crazy thing?" She protested. And I just smiled.
   "Merry Christmas Ma'am!" She got up and gathered her children, and slowly pushed the stuffed cart towards her parked car, miles away I supsect, parking lot madness in full effect.
She looked back and stopped  an oncoming car, honking an oblivious objection to our magical moment.
   "Merry Christmas to you Sir!" She smiled back at me. I turned away, just then. Not able to hold back my tears any further. Tears of joy. Magical tears of joy that only seem to happen at this magical time of the year.
   As I started back into Walmart, I looked again, to the sky. There was a special glow, that I did not notice before.
It was the glow of Christmas Love. It was the glow of December's Magic. I re-entered the store and the cart lady offered me a cart, and before i could retrieve it, a heavy-set lady in a hurry, grabbed it and was off to the races!
  I gladly took the next cart offered to me by the cart lady. Smiling all the way into the store as the left front wheel squeeked and skided with every step I took.

"Fade In"
Fade In...
The moning sun breaks through
 a crack in the curtains,
And shines down upon your face,
Awakening you from your dreams.

You reach over to hold him-
Not expecting him to be gone,
And your heart breaks wide open-
As you just keep on reaching on.

The smell of him
In the tangle of sheets in your bed,
The memory of his face, his eyes-
Burns deeply into your head.

You can still feel his touch-
On the most intimate places of your skin,
And yet, there can be no doubt-
That you will never see him again.
Fade in...

Fade out.


"Dancing Girls"
The eternal war
Of sea against shore,
Raged on-
Holding no quarter.

Earth and stone, grinding away,
Blood and bone, decadent decay.
Dancing Girls-
Sharing secrets, flesh against flesh.

As the girls danced-
Under the bright moonlight,
They were something to behold-
Oh, they were a sight.

Dancing Girls-
Holding eachother tight.
Throwing care to the wind,
Dancing past the waltz's end.

Onlookers stop and stare-

Oh, how they gossip and drool,
Whisperers a knife in their back,
How can people be so cruel.

But the girls
Just kept on dancing on-
Not caring to ever look back,
Forever entwined, beauty untouched.

They shared thier passion with the crescendo-
Of the wind, and the sea, with the moon, and the stars,
The musicians recognized thier beauty-
And they joined in with thier guitars.

The crowd of people thinned out,
And very soon, they were gone.
Leaving the girls alone-
Alone in their trance,

Alone to their dance-
As the eternal war
Of sea against shore,
Raged on.


Thank you Kelly for being my FANtastic Friday FAN and for sharing your heart with us through your beautiful writing.
It has been a pleasure getting to know you better.
Best wishes!

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