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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Silenced but Un-Changed

The past month, my email inbox has been filled with letters from people asking me about my research on cult groups.  It has been impossible for me to respond to every inquiry, so I will give a blanket response here.  The most common question:  “Where did all of your blogs on IHOP and other cult groups go?”

I apologize, but I pulled those blogs down because it was causing turmoil within my family.  In short, I promised my family I would sit down and shut up in order to promote and maintain peace.  I know I have let some of you down in doing so, and for that I am deeply sorry.

I understand this makes me look weak and pointedly pathetic, not to mention hypocritical, as I encourage all people to stand up for what they believe is right and to fight for truth.  I’m still praying for truth, deep down, despite my forced silence.

If we don’t stand for something we will most assuredly fall for anything.  So, I encourage you to keep seeking knowledge and continue on your quest for truth, taking a stand against the demonic strongholds prevalent in these types of cult groups.  Back up every word with Biblical knowledge.  Beware of false prophesy.  It’s not okay.  It’s not acceptable. Beware of elitism and arrogance, as these are not traits of Jesus, but rather ones that cause relational division and destruction of families and friendships.  Demonic influence is strong in these prophetic-induced, cult-type movements. Study. Study. Study.  Avoid any group that incorporates brainwashing tactics into the core foundation of their methods. Beware of any group that becomes so "radical for the Lord" that they lose balance in daily life.  I cannot stress enough that ANYONE who tells you that false prophesy is justifiable, explainable, acceptable or excuses it as a mere learning curve in the spiritual journey is NOT operating with the Holy Spirit, but rather inducing demonic translation.  The Bible specifically warns us against false prophets.  Heed this warning.

Again, I apologize for letting you down.  I did not pull my blogs because my opinion, intuition or awareness has changed.  If anything, the repulsion against false prophetic movements has grown stronger within me.  I have done it because I have been accused of attempting to cause conflict in my own family and blamed for an intent I never possessed.  In standing up for my convictions and expressing my true beliefs,  I am deemed unacceptable.  I cannot express the lingering heartache.  

To all that have emailed, I am happy to send you my research notes on the cult-type groups I have studied.

May God open the eyes of the blind and one day rid the world of all false prophets and bring about the destruction of the false prophetic movement altogether.  ~

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