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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Seven Days Before Christmas Giveaway

Seven days until Christmas morning!  Our house is aglow.  The lights are twinkling, the gifts beneath the tree are tempting, and I’m threatening my children not to peek.  I love this time of year!

So far, I’ve had the privilege of giving away five books and I’m looking forward to giving away even more!  

To recap, in case you missed the original post, I’m hosting a Twelve Days before Christmas Giveaway (sponsored by Global Publishing Group) wherein I will be giving away free copies of my books plus some of the other GPG author’s books. 

Here's how it works... I'll post the giveaway and the first person to email me, gets the free item of the day!  Each blog will go live at 8:00am MST (that's 7:00am for you West Coasters, 9:00am for you Mid-Westerners and 10:00am for my East Coast friends.)  It’s too easy not to play!

Email me with the subject line:  Day Seven 

Email me by clicking HERE

Here we go!

Sing with me....though I'm going to have to change up the lyrics a bit...

On the twelfth day before Christmas an author gave to me

A free copy of Petals of Blood! 

On the eleventh day before Christmas an author gave to me

An S.R.Claridge Ebook of my choice for free!

On the tenth day before Christmas an author gave to me 

A Tetterbaum’s Truth ebook copy! 

On the ninth day before Christmas an author gave to me 

An erotic spanking story!

(The first book in the Elise Dugar Episodes by Author Susan Sanchez) 

On the eighth day before Christmas an author gave to me 

A Traitor’s Among Us copy!

On the seventh day before Christmas an author gave to me

The truth in House of Lies!



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