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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Curve Balls

Life can throw you curve balls.  In fact, it can throw a ball that curves so hard and fast that before you even see it, it hits you in the stomach, knocking the wind right out of you.  As you scramble to your feet, covered in dirt and gasping for air, you stare at the pitcher and wonder, in this game of life, why you just got walloped for apparently no reason.  It happens.  It hurts.  It isn’t fair.  Sometimes it makes you want to throw down your bat and quit; but you can’t. 
You can change teams, but even then there is no guarantee that another curve ball isn’t waiting to flatten you the moment you step to the plate.  In baseball, a batter can often times see the curve ball coming; in life, we do not have that luxury.  They come in many shapes and sizes and we don't know we have been hit until the damage has already been done. 

So, what is the answer?  I don’t know.  I don’t think there is one right answer or one applicable solution for every situation.  Some days the best we can do is simply continue breathing, hopeful that with every inhale and exhale a little of the pain and fear will melt away.  ~

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  1. Great analogy.
    My dad used to refer to getting sucker punched (he was a lite-weight army boxer in WW2) and he always said just roll with it and get back up on your feet as quickly as possible.


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