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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Dream Big, Work Hard, Play Hard

I want everything…don’t you?  Don’t we all?  If we are honest with ourselves, don’t we want everything the world has to offer?  I'm not talking about just physical items or amassing wealth.  I'm talking about the totality of everything.  Don’t we want every chance at happiness, every opportunity for success, every extravagance, every freedom, every dream fulfilled?  Don’t we want health, wealth, peace, joy, and love?  Of course we do, it is human nature, and there’s nothing wrong with it.  The human spirit drives us to try harder, dig deeper and dream bigger.  It gives us the courage to let our dreams sprout wings and soar, and it keeps us coming back for more.  It beckons us to get back up when we fall, to tackle every obstacle, to fight the good fight and to climb higher.  It begs us to believe that we can achieve whatever we set our mind on.  Filled with determination, the human spirit withstands the storm, with the hope of a brighter tomorrow. 

We live one life and shouldn’t that life be worth living?

There are two types of people in the world:  Those that use their desire for more to motivate them to strive harder toward excellence and those that do nothing and think the world owes them something.   Maybe it is that the latter has had their spirit broken.  Maybe they have been mistreated, victimized or abused and have simply given up.  I don’t know; but what I do know is that the world doesn’t owe anyone anything.   If you have birthed a dream into existence, it is up to you to help it flourish.  It is up to you to face the mountains in your life, to grab the reigns and hold on tight and to never let go.  It is up to you to stay tough through every storm and believe you’re good enough to live that dream. 

Life doesn’t owe you anything.  It is a gift.  Don’t you owe it to yourself to unwrap the present and start living? 

Sure, it’s hard, but everything in life that is worth having takes a lot of work to get.   Beautiful marriages don’t just happen; it takes two people working really hard at it.  Great friendships don’t just appear; it takes two people working really hard at it.  A buff physique doesn’t happen overnight; it takes hours upon hours every week of training.  Money doesn’t grow on trees; people have to work hard to climb the corporate ladder to be able to land in a nest of financial security. 

We get one chance at life… I want to make the most of it.  Dream big and work hard, so you can play hard. ~


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  1. This is a great reminder for us all to take ownership of our lives - we make of our lives what it is. And a good part of that is attitude, how we feel about the things in front of us and the enthusiasm we face each new day with. Good thinking blog.


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