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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Manuscript Formatting Facts

Things Every Author SHOULD Know (but you’d be surprised how many don’t)

At the HODRW conference this past weekend, an Agent spoke briefly on submissions. She asked how many in the room knew the proper way to format a manuscript for submission. We all raised our hands.

She smirked, “you’d be surprised how many writers think they know, but truly have no idea.”

Worse yet is the fact that some writers ignore the hard and fast rules because they think it will make their manuscript stand out from the rest. According to this Agent, anything not adhering to the basic formatting principles is thrown in the trash without even a glance at the first page.

Here are the unbreakable rules for manuscript format:

• The font must be 12 pt. and in either Times New Roman or Courier New
• The margins on each side, top and bottom must be 1”
• The manuscript must be double-spaced
• There must be a Header on every page. In the top left hand corner of the Header should be the Title /   
   Author Name. In the top right hand corner of the Header should be the page number.
• The manuscript should be printed on copier paper only; no card stock or photo paper
• Do not use scented paper or paper with a snazzy border around it
• Do not use colored paper
• If your manuscript is being submitted via email, follow the attachment guidelines exactly
• Do not include a fancy-schmancy cover page
• Do not include smiley faces or clip art of any kind

If you’re getting ready to submit to an Agent or Editor, give your manuscript another glance-over and make sure you have all these things in place. It could mean the difference between a spot on her desk and a straight shot to the trash. ~

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