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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Basic 4 Step Marketing Madness

Marketing Tip #1: Use Your E-mail Signature.
All e-mail providers allow a signature to be attached to e-mails. This signature can be one of your best marketing tactics. Every e-mail you send automatically becomes a marketing event.
What should be in your signature?
Your penname, your e-mail address, your website address, your latest novels and where you can buy them on-line.
Always type out website addresses in full (for example: www.nadiabrown.com) as many news groups strip out more subtle links.

Marketing Tip #2: Send A Press Release.
There are many on-line press release distributors that are simple and quick to use. http://www.free-press-release.com/, for example, will distribute your announcements globally or regionally for free.
When should you send a press release?
Whenever there is something of note that you feel the press would be interested in. Won an award? Send a press release. Published a book? Send a press release.

Marketing Tip #3: Keep Your Website Updated.
The landing or front page of your website should be all about you, your latest publication, your latest appearances. Keep it updated and fresh so fans visit often.
Don’t have a website?
www.webs.com will give you, as a published author, a web presence for free. The same rules apply. Keep your profile current with links to reviews and interviews.(Note: Websites should be submitted to search engines, Google, Yahoo, etc.)

Marketing Tip #4: Consider Guest Blogging.
Bloggers are constantly on the look out for new content and material. Offer information, interviews and even a guest blog post for free to these new media sources. Bloggers, although often casual in writing style, are no longer small time. Many have thousands of daily readers. Daily readers that could be buying and reading your books.

Following only these 4 marketing tips will increase book sales.

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