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Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Tetterbaum’s Truth
S.R. Claridge
ISBN: 9781935407898
Vanilla Heart Publishing
Reviewed By Renee Washburn
Official Apex Reviews Rating:  FIVE STARS

With plans to marry her beloved Tony and live happily ever after, Angel Martin’s life is suddenly turned upside down when Tony mysteriously disappears and she soon discovers that her entire life has been one carefully crafted, well-executed lie. As she finds herself in the middle of a dangerous blackmail scandal involving the most notorious Chicago crime families, Angel scrambles to come to grips with her real identity while preserving her very life. Unfortunately for her, the closer she gets to the truth, the more people want her dead...

Tetterbaum’s Truth is a bona fide suspense thriller. Bolstered by highly intriguing, intersecting plotlines and vivid, lifelike characters that jump off the page, author S.R. Claridge’s standout offering takes readers on a nonstop ride of action and adventure. As Angel struggles to learn more about her mysterious past, the reader can’t help cheering for her as she winds her way along on a compelling, highly imperiled search for truth. With one shocking twist after another, Tetterbaum’s Truth takes its rightful place among the great crime/suspense thrillers of all time. A thoroughly engrossing read from beginning to end.

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