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Monday, March 7, 2011

Blah-blah-Blabbering to the Blog

I read a blog where the writer wrote, "every time I blog it frees my spirit and energizes me, like my daily yoga routine."  I tilted my head from right to left and back to the right again, like a dog trying to figure out what the hell their owner is saying.  Only one thought entered my brain...and that was a resounding,  Really?!
I decided to dig a little deeper into this whole blogging revolution and find out how other writers feel about the endless need to blog.  One writer said, "I long to blog."  Another told me, "blogging is my favorite escape."  Another described blogging by saying it "rejuevenates my soul."  

Which lead me to the one conclusion to which I could arrive... I must be the only weirdo writer who hates to blog. 

Why do I hate to blog?  I mean, afterall, it is just writing and I am a writer; seemingly, I should love it.  So, why does blogging dangle over my head like an enormous boulder, ready to crush me at any moment?  Why does it pressure me and nag at me until I'm so crabby I don't even want to approach my computer?  Why does something that seems to bring other writers pleasure, cause me irritation and feel like just one more obligatory item on my chore list?  

As my guilt over not wanting to blog grew, my self-analysis deepened.  First, as in any rehabilitation program, I had to accept the fact that I am an anti-blogger.  Next, I had to confess it to myself and to the world around me.  Having achieved these steps, I can now adequately define why I abhor blogging. 

The answer is simple and made me realize being an anti-blogger didn't make me less of a writer, as I originally feared.  See.. I don't like to blog because it feels like I'm wasting the little bit of writing time I have...time that is preciously invaluable to me.  Being a wife, and raising two kids, juggling their schedules between play rehearsals, auditions, practices and games for football, basketball, softball, baseball and two soccer teams, my actual writing minutes are few.  Add in the hours spent on book promotion, and my creative time often dwindles down to almost nothing.

I hate blogging, not because I'm not a writer, but because I am a writer and I'd rather be writing my next novel than blah-blah-blabbering on a blog.   ~


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